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Tamosah Blue Pewter Persian

Gr Ch Tamosah Kahlan

Chinchilla Persian

Ch Tamosah Loki

My name is Sue Danks and I have been breeding Chinchilla Persians since the late 1980's. My first stud cat, Champion Tamosah Tiger Moth was from pure English lines with the pale coats and aqua marine eyes, followed on by Champion Tamosah Loki who put his stamp on the Tamosah look. His lines still go through many of my pedigrees.

I was then  introduced to the Pewter Persians some years later and have been campaigning to promote this rare breed for many years. GCCF recognised the new dilute Blue Pewter in 2001 and I am proud to say I have bred the first Champion and Grand Champion Blue Pewter in this country Gr Ch Tamosah Khalan. He is in the background of many of my Pewter cats.

I have now introduced the Bi-Colour into my Pewter breeding program, widening the gene pool for health & stamina, which is needed in a rare breed with very few breeders. The Pewter & White has now been accepted by the GCCF as  another colour in the Persian Bi-Colour section. There is still work to do in maintaining the colour pattern through the generations.

I am also a GCCF full judge of the Persian, Exotics, Asian & Russian Blue cats and also Secretary of the United Chinchilla Association

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